Self-consolidating concrete mix design

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Advances in Civil Engineering

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This way, the Sellf-consolidating that exists amongst SCC mixes produced by different people, using different materials and equipment, following different mixing regimes, and under different conditions, is embedded in the database used for the analysis. Table 3: The study reported in this paper is the first of its kind concerning SCC, and it aimed at obtaining statistical models for the fresh desitn behavior of SCC which do not necessarily produce highly accurate predictions but rather are effective in reproducing the relationships between any SCC mix design and its fresh state performance and therefore have general validity for use in the automated optimization of SCC mixes.

The concrete mix of SCC must be placed at a relatively higher velocity than that of regular concrete. Less labor, quicker casting times, better surface finish and increased concrete densities are common reasons for choosing SCC. They postulate that there are minimum yield stress and viscosity requirements in order to avoid segregation. Table 2 shows the final percentage of missingness, together with the minimum, maximum, and average values for each of the fresh state parameters. Table 1: SCC mixtures typically have a higher paste volume, less coarse aggregate, and higher sand-to-coarse aggregate ratio than typical concrete mixtures.

Concrete mix design Self-consolidating

Resistance to segregation can be assessed during the slump-flow test by means of the visual stability index VSI [ 16 ]. Considered together, Figures 8 a and 8 c prove that, in very stable mixes, sand and coarse aggregate contents are not too dissimilar, especially if the cement content is relatively high. The effect of HRWR dosage, on the contrary, is of more significance.

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