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In onlline next six months, they were not fertigated as done for the respective plants. Guarantees Timeless growth, development and payment yield were obtained in prices from last transplants.

In sunny days, tunnels were daily opened at sunrise and closed at sunset while in cloudy or rainy days they remained closed. Fertilization, irrigation and other cropping practices were done as reported by Santos and Medeiros A randomized block design was used, with four replications and 16 plants per plot 2. Number of days from planting to the beginning of flowering and to the first fruit harvest was recorded. They were counted, weighted and screened in marketable yield, with fresh mass upper than 10 g, and unmarketable yield, with fresh mass below than 10 g. Fruit yield from the first harvest at June 15th to September 30th,was considered as early production and to November 7th,as total production.

The experiment was ended at the last date, when four plants of each treatment were dug from the soil. The fulfillment of assumptions of the mathematical model for analysis of variance was verified by the error normality test. Results and Discussion At planting, crown diameter and shoot dry mass were higher in plug than in bare root transplants Table 1. However, root dry mass was At the end of the experiment, all variables were higher in plants from plug transplants. Differences were recorded among crown diameter classes in bare root transplants at planting.

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Lower values were in class 1 mm crown diameter. In plug transplants, crown diameter and root dry mass did not differ among classes, with average values of 8. Shoot dsting mass was higher in class 3 plug transplants Table 2. Plant survival was Among classes it was Horttefhnology average initial flowering started at 65 days after planting on bare root transplants, while on plug transplants it was at 48 days. Initial Hortechnology harvesting was at 80 and 72 days after planting for bare root and for plug transplants respectively. Early and total fruit yield were Differences were associated to the number of fruits per plant, being The average fruit weight did not differ between types and among classes of plants data not shown.

Early fruit yield on plants from bare datinb transplants were lower on class 1 for number and fresh mass of fruits Table 3. Values on plants from classes 2 and 3 did not differ. Similar effects were found in total fruit yield, although number of fruits per plant did not differ among treatments. In plants from plug transplants, no differences were found in early and total fruit yield among the three crown diameter classes Table 3. Strawberry fruit yield was influenced by the type of transplant and also by its vigor, identified by the crown diameter.

Despite intensive irrigation in first days, They have to be replaced, delaying plant growth and development, leading to bad crop stand and lower early and total fruit yield. This enormous loss of transplants at planting is a consequence of unfavorable shipping conditions and could hardly be compensate for grower's cultural practices. The vigor of transplants can be related to the size of the assimilate pool. In bare root ones, this pool is the main energy source for the emission and growth of new roots to replace those damaged at digging or cut off before planting. Nevertheless, new roots are not immediately able to absorb water and nutrients and plants are susceptible to stress in the days after planting Gautier et al.

In the strawberry plant, this phenomenon may be stronger than in other species, because it is considered as having a slow root growth Hennion and Veschambre, As a consequence, high vigor transplants have faster initial growth. In plug transplants differences in crown diameter of runner tips were small and the vigor was similar at planting. In these transplants, the root system is embodied by substrate and root damage at planting is minimized. Thus, roots can absorb water and nutrient soon after planting, resulting in faster initial growth and higher early and total fruit yield Hochmuth et al.

Higher plant growth was also recorded at the end of the experiment on plants from plug transplants and data confirm results Hortetchnology by other authors Durner, Horttechnolohy Bish et al. In this study, runner tips were harvested and screened in three crown diameter classes before rooting, ranging from 2 mm Class 1 to 7 mm Class 3. Nevertheless, dafing 48 days of growth on the rooting bed, the crown diameter among classes did not differ. All tips reached an average crown diameter of 8. These results can be explained by the dynamics of root and shoot growth. In this experiment, a growing bed was used for rooting, without physical limitations for root growth.

This condition differs from trays used in the Horttecnhology of horticultural transplants. In trays, the cell volume can limit root growth, affecting also shoot growth Andriolo et al. In our experiment, it may be possible that shoot growth was not limited by physical constraints on root growth. As a consequence, tip shoots grew in all crown diameter classes until leaf area competition for radiation took place. This situation is similar to that used to explain the relationship between leaf area index LAI and interception of photosynthetically active radiation PAR by crops.

In this way, at the end of the rooting period all tips could reach similar crown diameters. A technological implication is that all runner tips could be used for producing commercial plug transplants by using this method. Conclusions Higher growth, development and fruit yield were obtained in plants from plug transplants. References Andrews, M. A role for shoot protein in shoot-rot dry matter allocation in higher plants. Annals of Botany Growth and development of lettuce plants from transplants with different physiological ages. Strawberry production system.

Santos, A. System of production, 5. Available at: Temperature conditioning and container size affect early season fruit yield of strawberry plug plants in a winter, annual hill production system. HortScience Recent advances in strawberry plug transplant technology. HortTechnology I think harley dating sites prizes can instead be something like. I was one of them too. In the video below, another insider tells E. It is this Lost Technology he's after now, carry on dating guy behind and beneath the row of stores containing TJ Maxx and Hand and Stone.

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