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MPS advice is that doctors should treat everything posted to social networks as if it is something they have written down — it is never truly anonymous and exists in perpetuity, meaning that the chances of such comments being traced to the author should never be disregarded.

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Comments made innocently about patients, treatments or particular procedures can potentially breach confidentiality, especially if they mention unusual symptoms or conditions — if just one patient recognised themselves from your comments, it is likely to be sufficient for the GMC to take action. Social media is a new arena within which doctors must tread carefully, being mindful of their responsibility to maintain public trust and the standing of the profession. After hours Doctors are expected to Guidelines for doctor patient dating empathic and compassionate towards patients — but this emotional involvement must be managed carefully if the hallowed boundaries between doctor and patient are to be maintained.

Dr Evans was a GP registrar who had been working at his current surgery for two years. The surgery was owned by two well-respected partners who had practised in the village for more than 30 years. Dr Evans, who was married, occasionally stayed late in the surgery, where he was usually joined by healthcare assistant Debbie as the only other member of staff in the building. Debbie was also a patient at the surgery and had consulted Dr Evans on at least a couple of occasions. When offering a compliment be specific about the behaviors he and his staff provided, for example you could start the conversation with an opening such as: You could close this part of the conversation by saying, "thanking people is a personal value of mine and I think it is too often overlooked in today's society.

The point is that you are encouraging him to share information with you about himself. Knowing that he is engaging in a conversation when he may be busy, you can end the conversation by saying something like, "I know you are probably busy right now and I have so enjoyed talking with you. Would you be interested in meeting sometime for coffee? On the other hand, it is possible that the medical care your doctor provided was not beyond what he provides all his patients.

It could be that he is just docto extremely caring professional. He has to see your commitment to yourself. This is the time for you to learn why you bring insecurity, fears and accusations into dealing with someone you love. Let more days pass before you contact dodtor. Read Ellie Monday to Saturday. Follow ellieadvice. Part E: Sexual Relations Prohibited during the Physician-Patient Relationship Physicians must not become Guideliines involved with their patients. Physicians should follow the guidelines below when treating a patient in order to maintain proper boundaries within the physician-patient relationship: A physician must not make sexual advances towards a patient nor respond sexually to any form of sexual advance made by a patient.

Although third parties are not mandatory, the presence of a third party during an intimate examination may contribute to both patient and physician comfort. Patients should be given the option of having a third party present. In cases where a physician is unable to provide such a person, the patient should be informed that they may bring in a person of their choosing with them. While physicians may intend non-sexual and non-clinical touching of patients to be therapeutic or comforting, supportive words or discussion may be preferable to avoid misinterpretation. The Boundaries Self-Assessment Tool is also a good resource to help physicians understand boundary issues.

Determining Whether a Physician-Patient Relationship Exists Because the RHPA prohibits sexual relationships between a physician and a patient, it is important to determine whether a physician-patient relationship exists.

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As prescribed in regulation 9an individual is a patient of a physician if there is direct interaction and any of the following conditions are met: The physician has charged docgor received payment from the individual or a third party on behalf of Guidelinds individual for a health care service provided by the professional; The physician has contributed to a health record or file for the individual; The individual has consented to the healthcare service recommended by the physician; or, The physician prescribed the individual a drug for which a prescription is needed. Where a physician is in doubt as to whether the physician-patient relationship has ended, they should refrain from any relationship with the patient until they seek advice.

Sexual Relations after Termination of the Physician-Patient Relationship Ending the physician-patient relationship does not eliminate the possibility that sexual contact between a physician and a former patient may be considered to be professional misconduct. Physicians should also ensure that alternative services are arranged or the patient is given a reasonable opportunity to arrange alternative services.

At the conclusion of a minimum 1 year period, other factors must be considered prior to engaging in sexual datinb with a Gudielines patient. In determining the propriety of a sexual relationship between a physician and a former patient, a number ddating factors will be considered, including: For example, when the physician-patient relationship involves a significant component of psychotherapy, sexual relations with the patient is likely inappropriate at any time after termination. However, if a physician saw a patient on one or two occasions to provide routine clinical care, it may not be inappropriate to engage in sexual relations with the former patient within a short time following the conclusion of a minimum 1 year period after the end of the physician-patient relationship.

A physician who is considering an intimate or sexual relationship with a former patient should act cautiously, making sure to consider the potentially complex issues.

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