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You can plan a daging with an auto-router that wind-optimizes your flight to get you there as fast as possible. Or use the Search feature to find airports by ident or name.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by sending an email to support seattleavionics. The Favorites feature gives quick access to commonly-used airports. Future versions of EFB to work this way. Another tap gives you an easy-to-read 7 day forecast. Want to call the local ATIS? See FlyQ Online for a Web-based flight planning solution.

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Give us 30 seconds and watch FlyQ Pocket assemble the datign wind-optimized flight plan. FlyQ Pocket is ready for it all. You can change your personal defaults in Settings. On the first airport page, you immediately see operational information, fuel prices, runways, navaids, the FAA airport diagram if applicable and an embedded satellite map image of the airport. Read more. Flight Planning No time to plan a flight?

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Using FlyQ Pocket is simple because all major functions are always just a tap away. Flya a flight plan does not put the flight plan into any kind of "offline" mode like FlyQ EFB does. In fact, there is no offline mode. Airport Information Start FlyQ Pocket and within seconds it finds the nearest airports and displays succinct weather, fuel, and operational details about them—without even tapping a button.

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