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I can move reports if in your way. We educational enduring looks and regulations while I sat far sighted but measuring you. The Invite Supplement explores topics around writing, parking and analysis.

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Murk, his vales are darkling. With lipth she lithpeth to him all to time of thuch on thuch and thow on thow. She he she ho she ha to la. Hairfluke, if he could bad twig her! The soundwaves are his buffeteers; sluta trompe him with their trompes; the wave of roary and the wave of hooshed and the wave of hawhawhawrd and the wave of neverheedthemhorseluggarsandlisteltomine. Landloughed by his neaghboormistress and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers, the moaning pipers could tell him to his faceback, the louthly one whose loab we are devorers of, how butt for his hold halibutt, or her fof her pudor puff, the lipalip one whose libe we drink at, how biff for her tiddywink of a windfall, our breed and washer givers, there Finds local sluts for sex in hollows not be a holey spier on the town nor a vestal flouting in the dock, nay to make plein avowels, nor a yew nor an eye to play cash cash in Novo Nilbud by swamplight nor a' toole o' tall o' toll and noddy hint to the convaynience.

He dug in and dug out by the skill of his tilth for himself and all belonging to him and he sweated his crew beneath his auspice for the living and he urned his dread, that dragon volant, and he made louse for us and delivered us to boll weevils amain, that mighty liberator, Unfru-Chikda-Uru-Wukru and begad he did, our ancestor most worshipful, till he thought of a better one in his windower's house with that blushmantle upon him from earsend to earsend. And would again could whispring grassies wake him and may again when the fiery bird disembers.

The tips of his fingers touched my skin. He closed his eyes. I gripped the splintered bench. His fingers clasped the sides of my feet. With my stockings off, he separated my toes and examined them one by one. I wiped my eyes. His hands warmed my feet. He reached back for my shoes, loosened the laces, and pulled up the tongues. The hollow bunion holes and comforting arch supports made me smile. He sprang up from his squat, and with a furtive gesture, pushed my stockings into the pocket of his pants. He nodded, and then flapping his arms, pointed to the tea shop.

Maybe the tea shop was about to close. Warm tea would feel good, and Jennifer would be none that wiser that her hypothermic grandmother had almost drowned. Giddy with relief, I stopped at the first table. A waiter brought apple tea in a glass cup, two cubes of sugar, and a tiny spoon. He smiled and looked in my eyes. I stretched my legs and leaned back. Learning to speak the language was what I had always loved about being in a new posting: Warmed by the tea, I watched Jennifer and Mehmet slog back through the water. Wet from the waist down, Jennifer sat on the bench, and the old man knelt before her.

With the same towel, he wiped her feet. Jennifer looked up at Mehmet, who spoke sharply, then swatted the old man with the back of his hand. The man in the fez threw the towel to Mehmet and hobbled away. While she put them on, he rolled down his pants, slipped on his sandals, looked over, and saw me on the tea platform. He tapped Jennifer on the shoulder. She looked over and frowned. A moment later, Mehmet and Jennifer stood by my table. But then, of course, not. At the next restaurant, low Turkish couches were covered with faded, brick-red rugs; silver tables shimmered in the raking light. With me on one couch and Jennifer and Mehmet on the other, our guide leaned back, sighed, and dipped his hand in the river.

Above, caves dotted the sheer rock wall. I stretched my legs. Jennifer smiled and finger-combed her ponytail. They had no idea what that meant, the difference between old when you could still do things, and the old I was now, when I had to be careful what I attempted.

Begog but he was, the G. Mix the tabarine tamtammers of the whirligigmagees. We can learn or have never!.

The waiter arrived with tea. Steam rose from the glasses. At the distant opening of the canyon, a fireball of light hovered above the water, and I thought of the River Styx, the underground stream into which all life disappears. As if accidentally, Jennifer let her foot graze his. I can move feet if in your way. I remembered the footsie dance. Mehmet shouted to the waiter.

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The tea appeared before me. Clinging to the sheer rock wall were shrubs with dark green leaves and white blossoms. Like paper torn in squares, a cloud of butterflies floated above our heads. Blown by the breeze, the butterflies drifted away. I settled into my pillow, picked up my tea, and took a sip. Framed by rock walls, far down the canyon a persimmon sun hung above an indigo stream. Through sinews, sliding down the aorta, veering around the vena cava, trekking over the mountain tops of the atrium and entering the pulmonary artery. Swoosh into the vacuum of your right ventricle, down, down, down into your hungry depths, the pressure pounding in my own blue veins, into the Tunnel of Approach.

Bright, bright distant lights casting shadows on the scarlet cavern walls. There are JB, Barrett, and Michael on the shiny tiled floors of your high school, drinking vodka in the woods and on couches in the basement. There are Ryan and Caroline on their wedding day, white-dressed and tuxedo-adorned, rejoicing on the steps of the red brick Baptist chapel. The girls you loved before me standing shyly in the corner. Then I see myself in a wool hat at sunrise. Tiny infinite shards of absolute fluorescent perception. And with further approach impossible I seek desperately to squint against the glare but catch only a glimpse of them.

Plywood, metal, and mortar rising haphazard from the dust, hemmed on three sides by a trash dump:

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