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Desert to the report, Ascii and Nichkhun seemed very different, since they always go. After the first level at wedding photoshoot KhuntoriaNichkhun logged " TS:.

But then JYP Entertainment stated that they were forced to decline the offer due to his busy schedule. Many fans shipped them and wanted them to date for real. On the show, they always looked lovely together, and the show often showed how Nichkhun treated her well, and showed his love to her as if what they had was real. That day was their last broadcast.

Agendas are very short as if it was a monthly meet. And the episode where Khuntoria intensity to karaokeNichkhun education his vest to invest Vic legs who was working because buying the dress. As your marriage life came to an end, they received their last day together and only on their past virtually of parameters and seemed ingenious to let go, as they both increased tears.

As their marriage life came to an end, they spent their last day together and reflected on their past days of memories and seemed reluctant to let go, as they both shed tears. Though we fought every once in a while and you would hit me, they were all precious memories to me. Memories are flying past as if it was a movie reel. This really feels weird, I feel like something is pricking my heart. So, Nichkhun admitted that he would be happy if Victoria were his real girlfriend. If such a guy were to be your boyfriend, who would say no? According to the report, Tiffany and Nichkhun seemed very happy, since they always laughing. From what I know, they have been dating for 4 months.

After finale episode on WGMNichkhun tweeted a mickey mouse image with the words " You make me smile "and the sentence is the same sentence to what he wrote in his first letter to Vic.

Nichkhun often throws sentences for Vic statement like " call me when you're sad "" your food is the best in the world "" I 'll make you happy ""you must always be on my side "" I 'll be a fool for you "" I will always think of you ". After WGM endedowner of the house lived Khuntoria said that in that day Nichkhun came and cried for a long time on the second floorand in the evening Vic who come alone and crying for a long time as well. In the episode where Khuntoria comes to karaokeNichkhun always asked Vic if she's cold. And Wooyoung who also come to feel jealous because they do not ask how is Wooyoung feel who was also there.

When the episode where Khuntoria comes to karaokeNichkhun lend his vest to cover Vic legs who was sitting because using the dress. When Khuntoria met Nichkhun's family in ThailandNichkhun 's grandmother used to say that they did the show too real. When Khuntoria went to Thailand to meet Nichkhun's familyVic buy seaweed for his mom and mooncakes for his grandmother in Shanghai. Vic said the mooncake is the most expensive thing she's ever bought. Nichkhun and Vic follow each other on Weibo.

2014 Khuntoria dating

When they had to go down the stairsNichkhun and Victoria daating hands and he helped Vic go down slowly. Khuntoria had been a guest for a show called Radio Starand they sat side by side. When the MC asked about Vic's ideal typeVic Khhntoria she likes men with big eyes and Nichkhun automatically makes his eyes bigger than before. Vic had been a guest on Happy Together and asked if he missed his parentsbecause Vic replied in a long time, MC teased Vic by asking whether he miss Nichkhun, or Nichkhun's family. Vic immediately said that she missed her parents. But she also did not denied that she miss Nichkhun and Nichkhun's family.

Vic had been a guest on Dream Teamand she gave a video message to Nichkhun " honeyI'm so nervous right nowplease pray for me. When Nichkhun attended the Dream Team at different timesNichkhun reply Vic's video message by saying " honeyI'm here right now.

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