Not your mothers rules for dating

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Not Your Mother's Rules: Should single women follow a dating rules book?

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datinv Right, and there is a certain way of doing this, which is what these authors have mastered! I can say this because I did mpthers grow up with all of this technology, and I can see it interfering with my own kids. I read the ebook version, however, I suggest getting the paperback copy of this book only for the ease of flipping it open to the places you have bookmarked easier than it is on the e-reader you have. Or, at least if you want a 'keeper' of a guy, or are looking for Mr.

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That is almost non-existent today, at least from what I see with my kids. They give a lot about your life away. Women, you want to control the dating situation, and find a keeper, or Mr. Now they are here to teach you how to do it. I never gave the information in this book ANY thought prior to reading it. I did not grow up with computers and cell phones, so these things in this book were quite shocking to me, but understandable now. It seems today it's expected you will jump and reply to text messages, or posts immediately. So what do we owe this NEW set of rules for dating to? A lot of people today tend to be very public about their lives on the social media sites, and this is not always a good thing.

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The authors of this book teach yyour how to do it, and they give great examples by having real women with real issues submit questions to them, and the authors answer their questions and give more scenarios. Growing up with computers and having cell phones at our beck and call, plus ALL the social media sites we all belong to. The Rules include: This makes having a little time to yourself non-existent.

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