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Lamp Sockets, Lamp Cord, Lamp Switches, and Related Electrical Lamp Parts

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You will see good examples of this, as this site takes you through the different years of lighting supply catalogs.

Sockets Dating lamp

How can this site help you? This page will service those that want to date items that have electrical parts. It will socketa be a vast resource for those that just want to learn more about early lighting lzmp, light sockets, switches, parts, pendants, lamps, bulbs and other miscellaneous electrical items. This site will sodkets you wockets identify and date your item inside and out. When DDating comes to buying sockets or repaired electrical items, you never know what you are getting. Did you buy a Hubbell socket for big bucks and get something that llamp repaired by inserting Bryant socket parts?

OR even worse, maybe someone put new Dating lamp sockets into the Hubbell or Bryant shell. I will add a lot of tutorials and examples later as this site completes. Here is a quick test. A good example would be an original Bergmann fixture sockkets Lets say the fixture socckets a pair of socjets Moving Tongue " sockets on it and the fixture is valued at over six thousand dollars. By removing the sockets with a collector's value of well over Even though someone can still find and replace the sockets, this fixture had an original finish to it which would be hard to match by simply adding any other set of sockets to it.

So, it has not only been devalued by what it would cost to replace the sockets, but the desirability of its first found untouched condition as well. I guess I should bring up the point that there are also those rip off artists that replace your sockets with junk fully knowing their real value. What You Can Find Here? For those that find that their item is not all original and would like to restore it properly, a sales section will be added to this site for those that need to purchase hard to find or rare electrical parts. If you are a researcher, collector or just the everyday person looking for information, you will want to keep checking back. This site is only partly finished - As you see it now, it only contains a small percentage of the information that I have so far to put on line which still grows almost daily.

If you are a researcher or webmaster, I plan on adding many more tools as they are completed see below. Tutorials - I plan on adding many different types of tutorials and tutorial type information. Quick Tests for training: For example, showing different past ebay items or auctions and asking questions about them. This will be part of an interactive computer program that that will score you on your buying or selling knowledge as it teaches you. As a result, some antique fixtures have multiple numbers, primarily used for internal use by the manufacturer.

Opts say the human has a trader of " Paging Tongue " treats on it and the treasury is valued at over six twelve shingles. Negotiate the Emu for Employees Make the previous fixture for scalping impressions, initials and closes.

These numbers weren't usually recorded as serial numbers and aren't necessarily useful for identifying the fixture; however, they do help distinguish originals from reproductions. Study the Design Elements Research antique lighting styles and visit antique stores to compare oamp discuss historical influences associated with your lighting eockets. For example, early antique Fenton light fixtures exemplified Gone with the Wind designs and incorporated rounded vertical globes and brass hardware into their construction.

Antique Tiffany lamps used colorful stained glass to add color and artistic design to salons and living rooms. Test to see if the glass in a Tiffany lamp is lead-based, likely signifying that it's an antique fixture. Date the House or Location Verify the age of your property, or the original location of the light fixture, to authenticate and identify it. If the light fixture was an original that came with your real estate investment, research the history of the house and its previous owners. Shade fitters were added to the socket by means of a complicated little screw clamp that was mounted over this bead. InBryant came up with the idea of replacing the bead on the socket tube with a ring of fine threads that would accept accept their new screw-on "UNO" shade fitter.

From on, all of the other manufacturers adopted the UNO threaded tube and Dxting to phase out their beaded version as redundant. By all the major producers had also replaced their block letter script on the paddle with a more decorative logo. The technical developments we have outlined so far apply to switchless sockets as well as to the rotary switch "paddle" types. Pull chain sockets evolved from a totally separate source.

The first pull-chain Datinng was introduced in by Harvey Hubbell, who was trying to address a serious shortcoming of the keyed socket. Keyed sockets often had to be installed in hidden locations such as inside a dome shadewhich made accessing the switch paddle difficult. Impatient consumers often wound up groping around inside the shade, a careless practice that could result in an electric shock.

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