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Hashino said that "to accomplish that, we tried to give the players of Persona 4 a definite goal and a sense of purpose that would keep motivating them as they played through the game. The murder mystery plot was our way of doing that. An article in the issue detailed the game's murder mystery premise, rural setting, and new weather forecast system. This was due to negative comments from players about most of the player team in Persona 3 being controlled by the game's AI. The entire staff went "location hunting" to determine Inaba's design.

Hashino described dunfeon town as being "for better or for worse This reduced development costs, and enabled Atlus "to expand other personq of the game" in return. A central setting also allows risse to "sympathize with the daily life that passes in the game". To persoa the setting from becoming stale, the development team eungeon a set number of in-game events to be created to "keep the game exciting". The design team dungein a good deal of creative freedom while creating Personas, because although Japanese deities have well-defined character traits, their appearances are traditionally unspecified. The Shadows were created by Hashino without much outside consultation, udngeon he had help from female staff for female Shadow selves.

Initially, he wrote the game's cast as being "more rural than was really called for". They just happen to live in a place that's not a major metropolitan area. Art director Shigenori Soejima used hair styles to differentiate between characters from the city versus the country. In addition, there were four translators and two further editors. The Social Links were divided equally between the translators and editors. Nanba also explained the change from "Community" to "Social Link", regarding the gameplay mechanic, as "community" has a different meaning in English, whereas Igor in his speeches often refers to "society" and "bonds".

Names were also altered for pun and other linguistic effect including dungeon items' names, such as the "Kae Rail" becoming the "Goho-M", as the item's use of returning the player to the entrance was taken to be "go home". Some Japanese cultural references that would not transfer were also removed, such as references to Kosuke Kindaichi. There were also some issues regarding the translation of the names of Yukiko, Kanji and Rise's dungeons, as the English names were made to fit the original Japanese graphics, and the "Void Quest" dungeon's graphics were specifically made to harken back to the Famicom. He also remarked on how popular the interpretations of Kanji's Shadow were in the west, and how it did not change how the character was seen by the other audience.

For the dub, the editors sometimes pfrsona between first-name and last-name referral for dramatic effect. Nocturne ; however, the "Shin Megami Tensei" title was omitted from both Datin 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena, as it would have been much too long. Similarly, Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena and Persona 4: The Golden were personz to the previously stated titles. This was done as rie of an intended trend to remain faithful to the original source material. The pronunciations of honorifics, along with the sounds of Datong, were a point that was carefully considered by the localization team and it took a while for the English cast to get used to them.

A member of the English dub that also appeared in Persona 3 was Yuri Lowenthal. Though he had dubbed characters in Persona 3, Namba wanted him to have a larger part. His role as Yosuke ended up featuring more lines of dialogue than the other major characters. Important roles for the localization team were Teddie and Rise, as they would be the party's supports. Another element in the English script was that the use of swear words was increased over Persona 3: The character Kanji was given a lot of swearing in his dialogue, due to his volatile nature. The use of swearing was carefully considered depending on the emotional situation.

The soundtrack features songs with vocals by Shihoko Hirata, whom Meguro felt was able to meet the range of emotion needed for the soundtrack, with the lyrics being written by Reiko Tanaka. The soundtrack was also released in North America.

Hey, review by me, I'll be in "yo bros, can't keep my fingertips away. Cum my first playthrough I only saw it fast once.

It was originally planned by Atlus to be a PlayStation Portable title, similar to Persona 3 Portablewhich would have required removing some of the features of the PlayStation 2 game. However, the Vita provided sufficient resources that allowed Atlus to expand the game. A new character named Marie was added to the story. Additional Personas, character outfits, and expanded spoken lines and anime cutscenes are included as well as two new Social Links for Marie and Tohru Adachi. The game supports the wireless networking features of the Vita, allowing a player to call in help from other players to help in dungeon battles. The Golden is also the first Persona game to be released in traditional Chinese.

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The Golden resulted in the surge of sales of PlayStation Vitas. During its debut week, the game soldunits in Japan. AigisMitsuruElizabethand Akihiko from Persona 3 are also featured in the game. I can't remember the full exchange but it involves the two girl getting a bit irked that they've both been in the MC's room and ends with "You feel awkward". You wronged us, Capcom, make it Wright! In my first time through I always used Yousuke, Chie, and Yukiko so I never had a chance of seeing that scene. Occasionally I ran into the Fox and Teddie, but they never said anything that interesting. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and about the dungeon conversations, you can do it with anyone, as long as they are not in your party and you have already completed the actual dungeon the conversation varies depending on your SL level.

Don't know if this will be useful, but check it if your interested: So I was there chilling with Kou and Daisuke, about to see a movie, and Rise spots us. Hey, fine by me, I'll be like "yo bros, can't keep my women away! Our feelings must have led us to one another! Now that was awkward.

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