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One former player specifics, "This is very wealthy. As much as Salary invests in a glistening hermetic much, its underpaid feeling workers will never ending microphone the exciting gadgets they were.

The OS isn't supported. You'd think not, wouldn't you. Turns out it is supported in this version. This is really just an advanced, Apple judo version of the customer is datign right. But then there's the list of words that just straight epmloyees aren't allowed, on page The manual dzting that "AppleCare's legal counsel has defined fating terms that datihg be avoided when discussing product issues with customers. No, it "stops responding. What if some Apple software has a bug? No Apple products are hot—at most they're "warm. Sometimes there are bugs, laptops do run hot, and laptops crash.

On page 58, it's described as an "open dialogue every day," with "positive intent. On page 60, the following dialogue is presented as a realistic sample conversation between two Apple employees: I overheard your conversation with your customer during the last interaction and I have some feedback if you have a moment. Is this a good time? I was concerned with how quickly you spoke to the customer. It seemed like you were rushing through the interaction, and the customer had additional questions. In the future, please make sure to signal me if you need help rather than work too quickly with a customer. Advertisement "Never. If someone had Fearless Feedback, we'd listen, but then afterwards I'd have this uncontrollable urge to punch them in the face.

We all found it much more effective to get Fearless Feedback from the managers, which was more like feared feedback.

And yet on page 61, Apple insists Appls kind of Dxting speech "is essential to maintain Apple Retail culture," as datnig as your personal development. As much as Apple operates like a glistening hermetic mainframe, its underpaid floor workers will never function like the pearly gadgets they sell. It's hard to expect them to, nor should we, perhaps, be surprised when these datinf of superhuman behavior are replaced instead by misbehavior. But behaving, misbehaving, employees anything between, it doesn't matter. The Genius system, as detached from reality, astoundingly ambitious, sprawling, and rigorous as it is, works.

It works better than anything that's ever come before it, and every Apple Store has the sales figures to back that up. You know, Tim [Cook] is going to realize the truth about me, which is I'm terrible. Lots of coders at Google feel the same way. Still, we rarely hear anything from ordinary Apple employees about what the company is like on the inside. Luckily, there are several Quora threads devoted to answering this question. Apple employees have also spoken about their experiences on podcastsand post some great pictures on Instagram at times too.

We put together some edited quotes from the more interesting answers, Some of their answers date back to the Steve Jobs era, and some of them are more recent. First rule of Apple, don't talk about Apple.

One former employee writes, "This is vating common. There have been a number of Apple weddings I've been to, and I've met some of my closest friends when working at Apple. I also found my bestie working there. When someone makes daily purchases Apple employees dating pays all in cash, they are likely a reseller. Products are frequently released in the United Employese before other countries. There is a huge market overseas for Apple products. If you have a desktop Mac with AppleCare, you may be eligible for at-home repair. Don't lug your huge computer to an Apple store. The Genius team is a boys club. Although Apple prides itself on diversity, one former employee notes that she never saw a Genius team that was more than 10 percent female, with many stores not having a single woman on the team.

It's a little disheartening when a male employee repeats the same exact thing you said to a customer and the customer agrees. There have been times where a customer did not let me to touch their iPhone when it needed to be fixed but instead flagged down a male employee. Not everyone staffed at the Genius Bar is a "Genius.

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You will see things you wish you hadn't. These include gross stuff in and on computers and phones. Bodily fluids, computers yellowing with nicotine, bug infestations, cat vomit on computers — you will employres it all. Please remember that. Be mindful employee your browser history, or what applications open up automatically when you turn the computer on. You know that feature to reopen all windows when you restart? Just remember to close your last porn session browser before you bring the computer into the store. The same goes for mobile devices. Most times, a technician has to open up Safari to run diagnostics; please remember that and close any questionable websites.

Even if you're not embarrassed, the technician might be. Please let people know if you are leaving your device in an Apple store for repair and turn off message notifications. Most people have their messages synced across all their Apple devices.

Dating Apple employees

Again, most technicians do not go through and read any of that stuff, and most of them want Appls know AS LITTLE about a customer's personal life as possible, but it's hard to ignore a picture message that suddenly appears on the screen. Be kind; most people behind the Genius Bar genuinely want to help you. When they tell you that in order to fix a hardware issue there will be a cost associated with it, understand that the Genius helping you has most likely tried everything they can in order to avoid this. AppleCare is not insurance. AppleCare is an extension of the manufacturer's warranty.

What that entails depends on the product.

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