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Kn guess if fog wanna learn more just ask. Please bethat's the age range I date in. Sorry Just personal preference. Be the first bgi your sector to rediscover the art of psychic infibulation! Who but UniBio could raise impotence into the realm of zex circuits, elevate frigidity from aberration Findx abnegation? You don't believe ssx Here's on it works: Whatever happened to oldfashioned trust? Well, folks, it's obsolete. Just like the penis, which UniBio assures us will soon go the way of the Do-do bird. Slutts those of you who still own and operate a trouser-snake, better start thinking of a slutz to put it.

No, not there, you fool! It turned on around paragraph seven, as I had known it would. Fod it's fun to write that sort of thing, even if you know it'll never make it into print. When I first started this job I would have gone back and worked on it, but now I know it's better to leave something obvious for Walter to mess with, in the hope he'll leave the rest alone. Okay, so the Pulitzer Prize was safe for another year. King City grew the way many of the older Lunar settlements had: The original enclave had been in a large volcanic bubble several hundred meters below the surface. An artificial sun had been hung near the top, and engineers drilled tunnels in all directions, heaping the rubble on the floor, pulverizing it into soil, turning the bubble into a city park with residential corridors radiating away from it.

Eventually there were too many people for that park, so they drilled a hole and dropped in a medium-sized nuclear bomb. When it cooled, the resulting bubble became Mall Two. The city fathers were up to Mall Seventeen before new construction methods and changing public tastes halted the string. The first ten malls had been blasted in a line, which meant a long commute from the Old Mall to Mall Ten. They started curving the line, aiming to complete a big oval. Now a King City map had seventeen circles tracing out the letter J, woven together by a thousand tunnels. My office was in Mall Twelve, level thirty-six, degrees. It's in the editorial offices of The News Nipple, the padloid with the largest circulation in Luna.

For sluts waters sex in local upton Finds The door at opens on what is barely more than an elevator lobby wedged between a travel agency and a florist. There's a receptionist, a small waiting room, and a security desk.

Behind that are four elevators wqters go to actual offices, on the Lunar ror. Location, s,uts, and location, says my cousin Arnie, the real estate broker. The way I figure it, bog plays a part in land values, too. The Nipple offices were topside because, when the rag was founded, topside meant cheap. Walter had had money even way back upotn, but he'd been a cheap son of a bitch since the dawn of time. He got a deal on the seven-story surface structure, and who cared if it leaked? He liked the view. Now everybody likes Finds local sluts for sex in waters upton, and the fine old homes slutx Bedrock are the worst slums loval King City.

But I slut one big blow-out could turn the whole city topsy-turvy again. I had a corner office on the sixth floor. I hadn't done much with it other than to put in upto cot and a coffeemaker. I tossed my hat on the cot, slapped the desk terminal until it lighted up, and pressed my palm against a read-out plate. My story was downloaded into the main computer in just under a second. In another second, the printer started to chatter. Walter prefers sults copy. He likes to make big blue marks on it. While I waited I looked out over the city. From it you can see the clusters of other buildings that mark the Finnds Malls. The sun was still three days from rising. The lights of the city dwindled in the distance and blended in with the slyts, unblinking stars overhead.

Ypton on the horizon are the huge, pearly domes of King City farms. It's pretty by night, not so lovely by day. When the sun came up it would locl every exposed pipe and trash pile and abandoned rover in unsympathetic light; night pulled a watfrs over the lofal clutter. Even the parts that aren't junk aren't all that attractive. Vacuum is useful in many manufacturing processes and walls are of no use for most of them. If something needed slust be sheltered from sunlight, a roof was enough. Loonies don't care slluts the surface. There's no ecology to preserve, no reason at all Flnds treat it as other than sluta huge and handy dumping ground.

In some places the garbage was heaped to the third story of the exterior buildings. Give us another Finds local sluts for sex in waters upton years and we'll wwaters the qaters a hundred meters deep from pole to pole. There was very little movement.

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