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Ante-Nicene Fathers

A Adamant on Trading and the Liberalization. Ten Works on the Third Epistle of Cad. On the Catechising of the Uninstructed.

Edited by Philip Schaff and Henry Wace.

Thus volume 12 of the second series would be cited as follows: The first example shows a simple citation; the second is the format used when the translator needs to be identified: Augustine, Letters of St. Augustin If one wishes to cite a specific translation in a bibliography optionalit should be listed under the ancient author name as follows: Eusebius of Caesarea. On the Spirit and the Letter. On Nature and Grace, Against Pelagius.

The Furnished Fathers: Augustin and St.

Concerning Man's Perfection in Righteousness. On the Proceedings of Pelagius. On Marriage and Concupiscence 2 books. On the Soul and Its Origin 4 books. A Treatise on Grace and Free Will.

Treatise on Rebuke and Grace. A Treatise on the Predestination of the Saints. Volume VI. The Harmony of the Gospels. Volume VII. Ten Homilies on the First Epistle of John. Two Books of Soliloquies. Volume VIII. Expositions on the Psalms St. Chrysostom Volumes[ edit ] Volume IX. Letter I.

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Letter II. For fourteen years, from to onilne, he was associated with Dr. Pusey as working editor, and superintended the publication of at least twenty-four volumes twelve of Adting. Chrysostom, eight of St. Augustin, four of St. Gregory I. The Original authors who wrote about their faith years ago. The translators and editors of these ancient writings: Hogg, W. Craigie, John Keith, D. The Interactive Bible and Steve Ruddfor this on-line edition with power search capabilities. Special Hebrew and Greek fonts: In these files you will see Greek and Hebrew text transliterated into the Roman alphabet.

To see them Greek and Hebrew in their own alphabets, you should install two public-domain fonts: In Windows 9x, install with the fonts control panel.

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