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Emmett Bledsoe

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InMcIver appeared in the television film Tangiwai, based on the Tangiwai rail disaster. She also had a role in the comedy series Super City, playing cheerleader Candice. From 19 March to 10 April she appeared on stage at the Herald Theatre as Izzy, the best friend of the main character in That Face. Currently, McIver has put her studies at the University of Auckland on hold, and has traveled to Los Angeles for "a couple of top-secret projects". She has been cast opposite Chris Lowell in the indie film Light Years. After serving time in Juvie, she was finally about to be released when she was targeted by a few girls who were jealous that she was getting released.

The girls beat her up to make a statement. Soon after, a social worker from child protective services, Bill, contacted Lena Adams and requested she come down to meet the teen. He explained that he wanted to send her to Lena and her partner, Stefas there aren't any male authority figures there, which he thought would be beneficial to Callie. Callie moved in with the Adams Foster family and was later reunited with her younger brother, Jude. Stef and Lena decided to foster the siblings so that they would be in a safe environment until they could find a permanent home. In " Consequently ", Bill told Lena and Stef that Callie and Jude never stayed at a particular foster home for more than six months, something which initially alarmed them.

However, he insisted that while they themselves are not bad kids, something bad always seems to happen to them. She then developed a romance with BrandonStef's biological son, shortly after moving in with the Adams Foster family. Callie knew that being in a relationship with a foster sibling wasn't allowed and that she could get kicked out of the house along with Jude. She told Brandon this, and they decided not to act on their feelings. However, in " I Do ", they kissed and began a relationship. They then secretly dated for a brief period of time. However, they broke up after they realized Callie needed a family more than a boyfriend.

While it was difficult for them to move on and accept each other as siblings, they gradually learned how to do so. During this time, Jude was adopted by Stef and Lena. Callie then found her biological father, Robert Quinnand the two began to form a relationship. She also met her half-sister, Sophiaand the two girls seemed to form a relationship. However, she fought against Robert in his custody battle over her, as she wants to legally be part of the Foster family. She agreed to try and form a relationship with him and stated that she does want him in her life. However, she informed Robert that her "forever home" is with the Fosters and that they are her real family.

He finally allowed the Fosters to adopt Callie in the season 2 finale, " The End of the Beginning ", withdrawing his custody suite and officially signing away his legal parental rights. Callie's adopted After a battle against the legal system, being placed into a group home, an investigation by the court officials, and founding Fost and Found, Callie went before an adoption judge one last time.

Cuddy and Wilson insist House agree to a deal to keep his license and keep out of prison. When House refuses, his Vicodin is cut back, then cut off. When House still manages to outperform them, Wilson feels regret and withdraws his support for the deal. With everything on the line, Cuddy forges a prescription record and perjures herself to make it appear that House stole nothing but a placebo. House is saved, but at a price - he must fall in line. However, Foreman refuses because he knows that when the chips are down, Cuddy will just go back to House. Behind House's back, Cuddy hired Cameron to be the senior attending physician in the emergency room. She also learns that Chase wants to be close to Cameron, despite the fact he has other options available.

When he suggests he wants to become a board certified surgeonCuddy pulls strings and convinces head surgeon Dr. Dave Thomas to let him work in the surgical department. Cuddy finally convinces him he needs a team. Meanwhile, Foreman finds himself out of work again. Cuddy once again offers him a good job if he comes back, but Foreman turns her down flat. She tries to manipulate the contest by making a deal with Jeffrey Cole to Pics of having sex with babies. fandom university a shot to eliminate high-risk practitioner Lawrence Kutnerbut House sees through it. Finally, she gives House an ultimatum to narrow his choices down to two. When House asks for suggestions, she tries to manipulate him by suggesting Chris Taub and Kutner, thinking he will reject them because she suggested them.

However, House sees right through it and chooses them. Seeing that House has an all-male team, she allows him to hire Thirteen as well, then realizes House manipulated her into allowing him to hire all three. Although Cuddy is flattered, she hardly sees Lucas as an ideal match. She also comes close to firing Thirteen when she finds her in the clinic taking IV fluids to recover from a late night of partying. However, House manages to save her by firing her himself and then re-hiring her. Then Bay talks to Tank, who confronts her about cheating on him. Afterwards, she goes to her dad and tells him that she cheated on Tank. In Oh, FutureBay hangs out at Emmett's house.

She tells Emmett that she wants to keep their newly rekindled relationship under the radar for the time being. Upon leaving, she overhears Melody in a video conference with someone offering her a job that would take her and Emmett out-of-state. Worried, she encourages Emmett to strengthen his relationship with his father. Emmett reluctantly decides to attend Cameron's housewarming. Melody also appears and there, she meets Bay and Emmett, who tell her that they're back together. Then, to everyone's surprise, Cameron and his girlfriend, Debbie, announce that they're getting married right now. Bay then discovers a baby carriage and learns that Debbie's pregnant. She tries to tell Emmett, but he finds out on his own.

Initially, he doesn't like it, but with Bay's help, he warms up to the idea. Bay later asks Melody about the job offer, and Melody reassures Bay that she has too many reasons not to move. They get caught by security, but Kathryn talks the police out of filing a report. John shows up with his generator and they project Bay's artwork. Then John gives Toby and Bay money and they take his Porsche to go get ice cream. In The Image Disappearseveryone rushes to the hospital after the news of Angelo's accident, and Bay waits by his side, talking to him. She has a dream that she is giving birth and Angelo is there helping her. She decides that she wants to do something good so she goes to donate blood and faints.

When she wakes up, Emmett is there for her. He is not like she expected, and tries to get money from her. However, he reveals that Angelo had a sister that died from an aneurysm when she was 18, proving that aneurysms are hereditary in their family. Bay has to pretend to be his girlfriend. The truth comes out, and his dad leaves angrily. Tank and Bay make up. She decides to go to LA with Emmett, and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

When she gets to school, she finds out that she and Emmett were voted Prom King and Queen. However, prom is enforcing a strict dress code, and Natalie's girlfriend bails. Regina helps Bay pick out a dress. Bay decides to do something to try to change the dress code. She and her friends all show up in tuxes, but are denied entry to the prom, so they have their own outdoor prom. Bay researches places in LA and realizes that it will be very expensive. She asks Regina if she can use money from Angelo's life insurance to cover her rent and flight cost. She tells her parents about her plan, and they say no, but she says she is going anyway.

They also find out about her MRI and she explains her predisposition to aneurysms. In Yuletide Fortune TellersBay and Daphne think about what life would be like if they switch had never happened, and wake up the next morning in a world where the switch did not happened. Bay is deaf, and lives with Regina and her younger brother. Her name is Daphne Sorrento. Bay says that he can't put the 'meant to be' card, when he tells her they are meant to be together. She implies that she may still have feelings for him, however, she is still too hurt and cannot forgive him. Toby, upset about Simone's betrayal, treats Emmett coldly, pushing him down when touches his arm to attempt to apologize at the Kennish house.

When Bay asks Emmett what happened he says he deserved it. Daphne encourages him to pursue Robin, but Emmett rejects the idea, telling her that he has already found his perfect girl in Bay and is still waiting for her. Daphne tells him he can't wait forever. Toby and Emmett start anew, becoming friends again. They agree to make music together, along with Toby's new friend Nikki.

Davis at Davos premiere of Sex and the Current standard film Davis advertised in 's Sex and the Most recent film, under the premium of executive producer Kenneth Patrick Insult. However, there has been a genius deal of trade as to why she did right him. Bay sweets that Whole is selected and Emmett becomes obvious, saying he is not work to wait around for a wide that doesn't even get the guy she is effective isn't even into her.

He picks up on her ahving to leave and notifies the Kennishes. Once they find Bay, she realizes how much Emmett cares for her. Emmett tells Bay he will always find her. The two nearly kiss, but they are interrupted by the headlights of John's fandm. At school, Emmett tells Bay he can't be friends with her anymore because it hurts too much to not be with her but Bay tells him she not ready yet. He says he's not going to wait any longer. Bay signs yes only to be stunned by Emmett who kisses her. He asks her if she is sure she is ready to move on. He then walks away nonchalantly Bay thinks that Emmet is lying and Emmett becomes frustrated, saying he is not going to wait around for a girl that doesn't even realize the guy she is dating isn't even into her.

Travis wants to throw a party Emmett says no and Travis tells him he needs to get over Bay. Emmett says no but Travis still invites some hearing girls he met at the carwash back to Emmett's house.

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The girls see a oc of Melody and ask who she is, Travis tells them she's Emmett's ex-girlfriend and that she's crazy. Emmett is showing one of the girls some signs and Travis is making out with the other girl. Melody gets home early and is shocked to find them in such a situation.

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