Dating a coke addict

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10 Signs of Cocaine Use - Are you Dating a Drug Addict?

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Physical signs Apart from mood swings, cocaine use is also accompanied by certain physical signs in an addict. This is especially true in case of crack cocaine smoking which can also be indicated by burnt marks on other body parts like singed eyelashes and brows. Dilated pupils are another symptom of cocaine use since the drug causes the pupils to become larger.

Addict Dating a coke

Other physical signs that should put you on your guard are bloodshot eyes as well as occasional nosebleeds. Apart from nosebleeds, a runny nose with no obvious signs of illness is another indicator of cocaine use. Loss of weight If your date had a normal appetite and body weight to begin with and then started losing weight at an alarming rate, you should be on your guard for drug abuse. A little background; I have been with my boyfriend since we are 15 years old, we are both now My boyfriend has been using coke off and on to my knowledge since the age of about We had separated for a while and decided to get back together around that time, when everybody told me he had changed and stopped doing drugs.

When we had gotten back together, everything was absolutely amazing. He treated me like a princess, we were inseparable.

It was my dream relationship. The Drug and Addiction reportwhich the German federal government publishes annually, found a 19 percent increase in drug charges in from the previous year. According to the report, young men are particularly vulnerable: And they face their own issues with stigma and blame—after all, why would anyone stay with a partner who Datlng, cheats, addivt takes every chance and excuse they get to satisfy their addiction? Read more: How Your Sex Life Changes When You Quit Drugs "Relatives and Daitng have no lobby," says Silke Biester, a specialist Dating a coke addict addiction assistance and cooke at the Caritas Association in Berlin, Germany, and someone who knows firsthand about the problems faced by someone who loves an addict.

The desire to help their loved one takes up more and more space in their daily life until, without realizing it, they're left with nothing. It's a process that creeps up on you, partly because both parties get used to shutting out the reality of drug abuse. Narcotic drugs produce delusional thinking in all those involved. He was barely around and was often high on drugs for days at a time. She describes him as "adventurous, open, intelligent, and sociable," but there was one catch: But her new lover's substance issues didn't stop at weed. For two reasons: This is especially evident when you add in the fact that his drug habits have caused him to blow his life savings on drugs.

My second concern about this relationship is that you are willing to stay with him and stick it out and you are willing to do this without really knowing the facts about him. If you did not know he was using drugs, there may be other aspects of his life that you do not know about him. You did not know he was using cocaine and now you find out that he has been using and has managed to spend his life savings on cocaine, yet this does not seem to bother you. Why not? This should scare you. That is, why would this man be acceptable for you?

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