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Besides seafood, other meal highlights include the grade A5 Matsusaka beef, which comes from Japanese black cattle raised under top-notch farm conditions and eat only the best livestock feed to ensure the tenderness of meat. Enjoy your dinner as you feel the calmness of the ocean. Healthy diet and massage with a mixture of sochu is what cause the meat to be so perfect. And while old methods are dying out at a rapid-fire pace in our modern world, thanks to the dedication of existing divers, perhaps this is one tradition to stay.

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Ise Sinvle, Ago Bay and Toba are some of the locations where the unique accommodations on this trip are housed. Best taste when eaten with soya sauce or salt after cooking it the traditional Japanese BBQ way. In the past, ama would dive twice a day for mins in the morning and in the afternoon. Enjoy your stay there listening to the crashing waves and soothing breeze.

Ama's Delicacy Ama a Japanese term for female divers who dives for abalone and other sea creatures by swimming out from the seashore with a basket and weighted belt. Highlight Amanemu The extraordinary Amanemu is redefining the rural hideaway, combining ancient tradition with flashy modernity. It is a delicacy that one will not forget. This is precisely the reason we have handpicked the best accommodations with magnificent panoramic views of the sea and the sky.

If grand Ryokans of Kyoto are the challenging peaks, Lookign is closer to familiar ground. When wet suites became fashionable, the extend their dives to an hour and a half or two hours at a time. Oyado The Earth The storm-gazing hotel. Raised between Izumi and Miyagawa river for years with the highest degree of quality and care.

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Be enchanted during your stay. The restaurant we will visit also does not freeze its meat, a long-abided tradition to ensure its freshness. Surrounded by a primeval forest, the sounds of the wind and waves cascade through the area, giving you the chance to feel the majesty of Mother Earth. Amanemu is located near the Ago Bay, which has expansive open terraces and alfresco hot spring baths where you can enjoy the magnificent view from the comfort of your hot tub. Located by the Pacific coastline, enjoy only the freshest and finest seasonal catch of the sea for meals.

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