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8 Amazing Things To Do In Jeonju, South Korea

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Amble around at your own pace, get lost in the small alleyways and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the tor hanok and cute murals. Get drawn into the crowds and watch a performing busker, observe others getting on with daily life, have a go at archery or play around with the various props. There are also boutique craft shops and small, welcoming art galleries to pop in to. Chill The main street will be swarming with families fpr groups of friends having loads of fun. But if the crowds get too much there are plenty of places to escape to.

Tea Houses Seek tranquillity and ease your mind and feet! This tea house set inside a hanok is beautifully decorated with low wooden tables. Each tea is prepared differently so make sure you pay attention to the instructor who will show you how to brew your tea of choice. Despite being in the middle of Jeonju Hanok Village, we felt like we were miles away from all the shenanigans that was going on outside. Omokdae To the east of the Jeonju Hanok Village is Omokdae, a historic place where the first King of Joseon celebrated a victorious battle. There is a large pavilion here where you can rest and enjoy the breeze on a hot, sunny day. As with any pavilion in South Korea, remember to take your shoes off before entering the seating platform.

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There are footpaths either side of the river lined with flora and fauna. Just ask the local Lookking who are often here walking their dogs or jogging along the river. Up on the bridge is a pavilion where you can and take in the views. Variants with octopus and shrimp are equally delightful. Another must-try street food item is Hotteok, Korean sweet pancake, crispy on the outside and filled with sugar syrup. If you happen to be in Jeonju on a Friday evening, the traditional Nambu market is the only place to be.

These taverns are like a Korean version of tapas. You can order a brass kettle of rice wine for the table and the accompanied food is brought alongside.

If you ij on the more, it can get fired so long life. Omokdae is very to overlook the Jeonju Hanok Protection during the sunset. You have a positive of time two thanks on the menu — Jeonju bibimbap with raw tick or a white issue with previous stock.

At Chunnyunnuri Bom, a makgeolli town run by the senior citizen club, each dish is packed with a flavourful punch. Along with banchan, large ginseng soup bowls, grilled fish, stir-fried pork belly are some of the many dishes served. The more kettles of wine you order, the dishes on the table grow with it. From world-renowned cosmetic products a face mask is a must-buy! In the century-old Nambu Traditional Market, find everything from silk scarves to dried fish. Wake up early to catch the best of the market. What makes Jeonju bibimbap slightly different from other are the vegetables they use, which is all the more why I had to try it.

Culture Street Not really sure what it was- im shops were closed on Sunday, but there sure were a hell of a Lloking of public artwork that were conceptually fun, performance oriented and interesting. Movie Street Aside from art institutes and innovative Loiking art, Jeonju boasts a small film scene which it is steadily growing. Clothing keonju and artsy cafes make up the rest of the neighborhood real estate. The bibimbaps ffor delicious and have a clean flavors with the fresh vegetables. All tables receive 6 amazing banchans, bean sprout soup, and kimchi soup. You have a choice of just two items on the menu — Jeonju bibimbap with raw beef or a regular version with cooked beef.

The highlight is having 12 different banchan included with your meal. There are lots of stores that sell produce, furniture, and other household goods. The south side of Nambu Market has most of the produce and fish for sale and some vendors selling produce along the sidewalk. The market has traditional Korean restaurants tucked in the alleyways. The restaurant has operated since and is a popular place! The meal comes with a sizzling pot of soybeans in rice and a raw egg. To eat the egg, crack it into a small bowl, add soup, stir it up, and add crumbled seaweed.

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The second level has the Youth Mall which has hipster type snacks and drinks and shops with handcraft artwork. Nambu Market Address: The gate was built tor and is the only gate still standing in the city. The lights illuminating on the gate is stunning in the evening. This place is a must Lookiny during the cherry blossom season. There are some hills in the park, and hiking shoes are not needed for the walk. To get to the park, head south from Jeonjj Market, cross the overpass, and continue to go straight up on Maegok-ro Fjn which will lead you to a walking path. We came one week too late as the blossoms were on the ground.

In the middle of the park, you can walk along a suspension bridge and check out the lake with the blooming lotus plants. Towards the back of the park, there is a man-made Byeokjin waterfall and the Yeonjljeong resting area. Gilgeoriya is another hugely popular street food outlet in Jeonju so expect queues. Kongnamul Gukbab Yayy to another veggie friendly dish in Jeonju. Kongnamul gukbab translates to bean sprout rice soup and that is precisely what it is. Particularly so on a cold day. At PnB, one of the oldest bakeries in the city, you can buy handmade choco pies in a variety of flavours. We stuck to white chocolate and milk chocolate and they have both officially ruined regular old choco pies forever.

Nope, this is Korea after all so, of course, good old maekju beer needed a bit of a facelift! I went for the slush puppy grapefruit beer and it was cold and refreshing without being too sweet, like a lot of grapefruit beers in Korea. Moju is an extremely weak Korean spirit made with cinnamon, cloves and ginseng. We tried it straight, in makgeolli and even in our americanos. Although we never made it to any, the city is home to a few makgeolli streets where you are given plates and plates of free food for every kettle of makgeolli that you order. Teahouses Being home to a traditional village, there is no shortage of traditional tea houses in Jeonju.

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